10 things I want to do this Fall

Fall my favorite season. We are only 7 days away from it being the official start of fall. I always eagerly anticipate fall. But some times I am so anxious to get to fall that I sort of miss its early beginnings. Then bam! Every tree is bursting with color and the first frost has hit and I’m in snow! I feel like I missed fall!. So this year I have been taking a different approach.

I have been slowly savoring the start of fall. I have taken a few moments out of my day when I am out and about to really look at the trees. Each time I do I see the slow creep of the colors changing.

Today I am sharing with you my fall bucket list. Ten things I want to be sure to enjoy this fall:  

  1. Making s’mores in our fire pit every Friday evening while we watch the moon rise and the stars shine 
  2. Make pumpkin bread and muffins to enjoy in the mornings + gift 
  3. Get out for a stroll thru the neighborhood, enjoying the crunch of leaves under my feet 
  4. Knit my self a cozy sweater 
  5. Buy a bunch of local apples and preserve so I can make tarts and pies 
  6. Watch the premiere of Hallmarks Fall Harvest lineup 
  7. Take Autumn photos especially with knitwear 
  8. Paint my nails a deep merlot 
  9. Burn fall candles  
  10. Hygge up my knitting corner

Apple picking, bonfires, boots, jeans, yarn and more yarn

 What is on your fall bucket list this year?

Happy almost fall y’all,