Baking up sweet treats

I am Amanda the confectioner behind Little Bitty Delights.

I never realized how much baking was etched into my soul, till I started making little clay creations. I was instantly drawn to food. Not just any food I wanted cupcakes and cookies and cake! All the comfort foods.

Growing up I remember being in the kitchen with my grandmothers and my mom. My Abuela( my dad's mom) taught me of my Spanish heritage. The kitchen always smelled of cooking beans and tortillas on the kamal. She taught me how to make tortillas and that is something I still do to this day( it's the secret ingredient in my enchiladas). My grandmother( my mom's mom) taught me how love plays a part in baking. To this day when I visit home she makes me a chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream frosting because she knows it's my favorite! I remember her filling the house with the smells of love and comfort. Cinnamon rolls and pie. Why once when I was a kid we and the extended family had a Doughnut fry! Oh that was a glorious day. All day my mom, aunt and Grandma worked to make doughnuts. The table near by was gloriously arrayed with frostings, and sprinkles every where!

My mom taught me the beauty and the art of baking. Now you can bake a cake and slather some frosting on it and it may not look magazine worthy but every bite leads to lip smacking goodness. But my mom could make a cake ready for a magazine shoot. I remember watching her as a kid working on wedding cakes. Something she would do from time to time. I remember every single wedding cake she did. I could watch her for hours as she smoothed on the perfectly white frosting, then deftly add the swirls and pearls and roses to adorn the cake.

Cupcakes became a big interest to me once I was out of the house and on my own. Suddenly making a 3 layer chocolate cake for just me was a bit much. Cupcakes are always the perfect size and easy to share with a crowd. I love the variety and variations that can be had with cupcakes.

Now that I bake little clay creations it's a different kind of bakery I'm running, but the basis is the same. I implement what I learned from my family into my unique bakery. Adding a pinch of creativity, the best clay ingredients and a lot of love into each piece I bake for you.

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